Introducing Mary

Advent is a good time to introduce Mary to the catechumenate.  There was a time when I happened to refer to Mary as Mother of God, on Facebook, and a commentator posted that "She is not the Mother of God.  Prove it."  I'm sorry to say that I just ignored his comment because I didn't have the time to get into an argument, besides his tone was so confrontational that I just knew that discussion would be futile and a waste of time.  But I never forgot his comment--Mary is not the Mother of God.

In order to believe that Mary is the Mother of God, you have to believe that Jesus is God.  Since Mary gave birth to Jesus, she is then the Mother of Jesus, Who is God.  To me, it's simple.  So simple that I can't see how everyone cannot see this.

Besides, "Mother of God," is only one title, Catholics use.  We must have over a hundred.  Do people really scrutinize what we call our Mother?  I know people who call their birth mothers all kinds of titles: Meme, Mum, Mom, Mommy, etc., even just using their first name.  I also know someone who calls their mother "Babe;" it's a name they've used since they first learned to talk--copying their father's pet name for his wife.

Someone once said, "No Mary, no Jesus."  I take this as meaning that if Mary hadn't given birth to Jesus, He wouldn't exist.  Also, "Know  Mary, know Jesus."  This means if you look to understand Mary, then you will understand her Son, Jesus.

This month has two Marian feasts: Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Immaculate Conception. I love Our Lady of Guadalupe.  A picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a great visual to explain this apparition.  The concept of the Immaculate Conception is always interesting because once understood, the catechumenate seem proud to correct anyone who thinks the Immaculate Conception applies to Jesus' conception.

Personally, I love Mary, because for me she feminizes a male-dominated church hierarchy. She also is someone I can identify with as a way to get to Jesus.  If I model myself after Mary, I am closer to Jesus.  Mary and I understand each other.  We're BFF.


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