Matthew 25:45

Something's been bothering me, ever since my niece told me of her experience of feeding the homeless.  She's a freshman at UMASS, and she and some friends, from UMASS Catholic Student Union went to a homeless shelter to help out.

She was very surprised at the large number of young men that came to eat.  She was there, helping to serve a meal.  These boys were homeless, living in abandoned buildings, or sleeping on the Common, or wherever.  They must have been thrown out of their parents' homes.

Why?  What happened?

I can only imagine.  I know how difficult puberty can be.  Some families can't handle it.

The fact is, these kids, who should be full of hope, just starting out in life, must feel pretty hopeless.  This was what was bothering me.  Think about it.  My niece, about the same age, going to college, with a family to support her, has a wonderful future before her.  These boys, on the other hand, seemingly, have no future before them.  Yet, she is serving them.

May God bless her, always.  And God bless the UMASS Catholic Student Union and all who serve others.


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