Why Bother?

Why did Jesus bother to be baptized?  This question was addressed in the Ignatius Insight Scoop. I thought it a good question, but their reasons don't satisfy me.  They're good reasons and I have no better; it's just that I intuit that that's not it.  However, I'll just add it to my list of questions to ask God when I see Him.

The reasons:

  1. The baptism was part of God's Plan.
  2. It was an example for us all to follow.
  3. It inaugurated Jesus' public life.
  4. It introduces us to our Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  5. Demonstrates obedience to the Will of God.
  6. We needed Him to (see # 1-5).
What do you think?   I wonder why John was baptizing in the first place.  For whatever reason, he was baptizing.  Maybe Jesus was just giving his cousin more business--like buying a car from cousin Willy because he needs the business?

Nah.  That's a dumb ass idea.

Maybe Jesus wanted to jump on the Baptist's bandwagon.  It looked like he had a good gig going.

Nah.  Look how the Baptist ended.

But Jesus ended worse.  But that was for us.  Hmmm, maybe Jesus' baptism was for us.

I feel a headache coming on.


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