Another Vatican Hypocrisy

Imagine the chutzpah!  The Vatican, which is accused of sexual immorality, has the nerve to tell its guests how to dress!  What host does that?   By what right does the Church have to dictate morality?

The Vatican has issued it's dress code for visitors.  An article addressing the norms gives the shocked reactions of some of the visitors.  I mean, really....

A man in shorts is speared by a guisarme.
A women in a halter top is pierced with a halberd.
An elderly couple wearing tank tops was threatened with the bardiche.
One innocent child was almost beheaded by a glaive.

....and the list goes on...

Well, isn't this what you would have expected from the headline "Vatican Accused of Hypocrisy over Short Skirts?"

I guess anything to sell newspaper, even hyperbolic misrepresentation.

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