Easter Vigil

Since Hubby is a Christmas/Easter Catholic, we go to celebrate Easter wherever he is the most comfortable. He always picks Mt. St. Mary's Abbey, in Wrentham, MA. I like it too. Good choice! However, I would like to celebrate the catechumens that are entering the church. My parish had seven. I love to hear and see the spontaneous applause that erupts in the church when they're baptized. But on the other hand, for a chance to have my husband praying beside me, I'll forgo my druthers for his.

The sisters' voices were heavenly, as usual. Fr. Gabriel's voice is always a pleasure, also. I particularly enjoyed the different sisters reading the Readings, and singing the Psalms. I wonder how they chose whom to do what. They were all good, right on cue, very practiced.

The ride home was romantic. The moon was hazy and there were stars. It was so quiet. We were the only ones on the road.

The two of us were just riding along and talking about all that we had just witnessed and while we were conversing, Jesus Himself also drew near and went along with us. I felt His presence and was greatly comforted, but the other's eyes were held, so that he did not recognize Him.


Mary Ellen said…
Glad you were able to share this experience with Dick. It is always a blessing to have a spouse join in worship.bi

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