Saturday, June 6, 2009

Asian Cultural Awareness Day

Tam Bui invited me to attend an Asian Cultural Awareness Day. It was full of song and history. The guys like to do rap and I have a hard time understanding rap when it's in English, never mind when it's in a different language. But I enjoyed the beat.

We had a little history lesson from three countries: Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. While the entertainers were performing, there was a constant video playing. While listening about Cambodia, there was a video playing about Cambodia. Likewise for Laos and Vietnam.

There was one gross incident on the video from Vietnam. A skinny long snake (from the tip of your out stretched hand to the tip of the other)was chosen. A razor then made a slice down the snake. The vendor then squeezed the snake by going down the length of its body with her fingers pressing the blood out. She got about half a glass of blood from the snake. She then drank it.

Repulsion defined.

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