Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Example of Married Saints

Not quite saints, yet. The process of Beatification began in 2001. This couple is my generation. They lived in my times, my culture, my world. But their lives are so Christian. If they aren't saints, then no one can merit sainthood.

Marcello Inguscio was born in 1934. Anna Maria Ritter was born in 1938. He was Catholic; she was Waldensian. Both were musicians and interested in helping the sick. They met studying music and were reacquainted in a slum in Catania. They prayed together and dedicated themselves to volunteer work among the sick and elderly.

When they decided to marry, Marcello and Anna made an agreement. Marcello studied Protestant theology and Anna, Catholicism. Anna fell in love with the Eucharist. They married in 1968. Forty of their wedding guests were handicapped. And the newlyweds spent their wedding reception feeding the handicapped.

When they set up their house, it had a chapel, which became the ecclesial community Mission Church-World. The couple had two daughters, Marietta and Lucia. The girls thought it was normal to always have sick people as guests. Volunteership wasn't a hobby; it was a lifestyle.

Anna died of cancer in 1986. Marcello died of a heart attack in 1996. The Missione Chiesa-Mondo continues their work.

h/t Fr. Kevin Kraft, O.P. for his work on The lives of well married saints and holy people

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