Typology is a type of biblical interpretive reading that searches for connections between one reading to another reading.  CCC 128 & 130  Jesus did this constantly.  The rabbi teachers prepared the people for their coming Messiah by referencing the scriptures.  Jesus taught the Apostles to understand Him by using typology in their understanding of scripture. That's why we have the references to Old Testament readings when we read the New Testament.

I knew that and I didn't know that.  Whenever one starts learning about Jesus, it is explained by referencing the Old Testament.  I may not of learned the word--typology--but I was hearing, learning, and doing it.  And I probably was introduced to the word, typology, itself.  But the term didn't stick.  I never had occasion to use it.  Until now.

Typology is helping me understand Mary.  I have a new understanding of her and reverence this typology of Mary.


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