I wrote a paragraph from one of my posts and asked this site to analyze my writing style and the result was that I write like James Joyce. Not too shabby! The trouble is, James Joyce wrote in various styles but he is known mostly for writing in stream of consciousness.

 Stream of consciousness writing is where the thoughts and feelings of a character are presented as they happen. Well, yes, the character is telling what he thinks. Specifically, I gave the analyzer this passage:

  The story of the Father Thomas McGlynn, O.P. making the statue is in an out of print book, Vision of Fatima, by Thomas McGlynn, O.P., Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1948. It tells the story of Father McGlynn visiting with Sister Lucy and sculpting the statue under her direction. I remember that one time, Sister became annoyed at the number of times she had to explain, so with her fingers, she took the top of the clay veil and pulled and flattened it. That's a big "NO, NO!" to a sculptor. But what could Father do? He left her finger print on the veil. That's the picture with Sister and the statue.

 I use to own this book, but I lent it to a friar friend and he died. I have no idea where the book is now. I hope it's in the nursing home's library, and not in somebody's yard sale. This book is where I learned that McGlynn's statue is the authentic apparition. The one that travels around is much fancier. That's the traveling Pilgrim Statue. McGlynn's statue is the white marble statue in the niche above the entrance to the Basilica. I usually can pick it out because there's no crown and Mary's heart is outside her clothing surrounded by thorns.


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