The Snooze Button

Don't hit that snooze button!  Give up hitting the snooze button for Lent.  Too late!  Too late? You might say that you've already given up what you planned to give up.

Think again.

You can think of other sacrifices to give up anytime during Lent.  In fact, you might have already failed in your resolve.  You try again.  Begin again and start something new, add something.  The idea is to sacrifice.  Keep trying.

I know a woman who lost 100 pounds.  Wonderful, right?  But if I told you that it took her 56 years to do it, you'd think her accomplishment is diminished because it took her so long.  That would only be about a couple of pounds a year!

Think again.

During those 56 years, she's had multiple bouts of cancer and four hip replacements (hip replacement only last about 20 years).  Wrap your mind around that.  Hence, her 100 pounds weight loss accomplishment is now enhanced!  The idea is to keep trying.  She was derailed too many times to enumerate, but she began again and again and again.

Now what else are you giving up for Lent?


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