Mass Jitters

It was -14 degrees, this morning.  I was scheduled to lector at Mass.  Due to the freezing temperature, my car wouldn't start.  It's a good thing that my friend always goes to this Mass and gave me a ride.  Otherwise, there wouldn't have been any lectors, because the other one didn't show up.  The altar servers didn't come, either.  So I did double duty and did a poor job of it.

I couldn't get the stoppers off the cruets.  The wine almost flew out of the cruet when I finally pulled the stopper out.

Worse, when I washing the celebrant's hands the water spalshed out of the lavo bowl too fast,
and went all over the priest and myself.  Then because of all this, I got the giggles.  I almost couldn't stop them.

I almost lost it!

Pray for me.


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