Listening to God

Sometimes when you are having a conversation with God (prayer), do you intuit a response?  I take that as a legitimate answer and go with it.  I figure if I'm wrong, God will stop me.  I'm still trusting in Him, even more so.  Don't you think?

Other times, I take my time when I'm trying to discern something.  I figure it doesn't matter much if God hasn't shown me the way.

Have you ever ranted at God and then stopped short, in shame?  I have.  I take that as God giving me a look that would peel wallpaper off the walls.  As well He should!  Who am I to question One to whom I owe everything?  Still.  I know He cuts me a lot of slack.  I know He understands because after the shame, I usually can look at whatever injustice I was ranting about, more objectively.

Am I projecting myself in my perception of God?  What if I am?  Does it matter?  If God made me in His image, wouldn't it be natural for me to imagine God in my world?

I consider this relationship with God, prayer.  I do test God's responses, though.  If what God is telling me to do is good, then I go with it.  Is it a loving, compassionate, and a merciful response, then it's Him.

How do you communicate with God?  How's your prayer life?


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