Hoping for Cheap Grace

The Light Is On For You - 2011 from Archdiocese of Boston on Vimeo.

Since I'm giving myself a Christmas present by going to Confession, tonight, I listened to Bishop Robert Hennessey explain the importance of Confession, at this time of year. The good Bishop said he gets a kick out of people rushing around, especially Christmas Eve, trying to prepare for Christmas. Think about it--Christmas is the same date, every year.

I see his point. I also see that he doesn't have to worry about money. Some of us have to wait for sales. The best bargains are Christmas Eve. This is when to buy a Christmas tree, for example.

So the good bishop segued into being spiritually prepared for Christmas, and don't wait until it's too late to meet your Maker. Don't put Confession off.

I can segue into that line of thinking, too. Don't wait for the sale; cheap grace isn't going to do it. Better to go to Confession.


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