Martin Luther King Service

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Tonight the Franklin Interfaith Council held a service celebrating Martin Luther King.  I thought it was very tastefully done.  The Cameroon Singers were a big hit.  They had everyone up on their feet and clapping their hands.  It was great fun.  I'd say they were the hit of the night.

I was glad that it was held in the Church of Latter Day Saints because that's just about the only church in Franklin that I haven't been in.  They have a nice big hall and gymnasium.  It was perfect for gatherings.  It's nice and new.

Their bishop, Tom Badstubner always has such a gentle voice.  He must be very pastoral.  I saw the pastor of the Methodist Church, Dianne Carpenter, for the first time, also.

The highlight however was meeting a beautiful little girl with the name "Faith."  I didn't say anything (See my post about "Faith.)   She seems OK with it.  She was named after her mother's friend.  This friend drove her mother to the hospital when she was in labor with Faith.  Little Faith didn't seem shy.  She was beautiful and had big blue eyes and dark brown hair and a fair complexion with rosy cheeks.  I love dark hair and blue eyes.  What a beautiful child!

But I'm "The One True Faith."
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