Mystic or Atheist?

Which are you?

In preparing for Sunday's Readings, I was reading Fr. Ron Rolheiser's explanation of Karl Rahner's description of the future, e.g., that we will either be mystics or non-believers.


I thought you'd never ask.  ;-)  Times are different.  Rahner saw a future hostile to religion.  It is true.  Our present culture does not support a religious centered mind set.  Think of Medieval times.  Life centered around the Church.  You woke to the Church bells.  Prayers were prayed all day long as the bells tolled the time for prayer.  I'm old enough to remember my immigrant grandparents and their strong faith.  The church was their educational and social center.  Most parishes had parochial schools.  Every family had children that grew up to be nuns and priests.  Doesn't everyone have aunts and uncles who were religious?

It's not that way, now.  In fact, to be religious, is counter cultural.  Sometimes I feel marginalized.  This is what Rahner meant, I believe.

This is why I'm glad I'm a Lay Dominican.  I have the support of my Dominican Family.  My Chapter and my brothers and sisters keep me centered.  And surprisingly, you know what else?


I have gathered about me people who think like I do.  Yeah, they're all over the world.  Others like myself!  Imagine that.  And I never would have known that they ever even existed, were it not for FB.

It's us against the world.  But we're not alone.
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