A Time for Everything

Finally, I'm putting away the last of my Christmas stuff. Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 tells us that there's a time for everything. I'm not sad that I have to put away the Christmas decorations, especially when I vacuumed and could smell the pine from the Christmas tree.

Last week we threw the tree out and I vacuumed. Mmmmmmm, the smell of those pine needles is still in the vacuum. I enjoyed the memories with that smell.

There is a time for everything. Time goes on. I am reminded of Old Testament leading to New Testament.

Well...it makes the cleaning pass more quickly, if you meditate. At least, it feels like you're not wasting prayer time.

I had to laugh at our creche. My granddaughter was obviously visiting the baby Jesus--along with a snowman, Raggedy Ann, a teddy bear, etc..

Geesh! I guess the overflow from the inn, moved to the stable.


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