It's Thanksgiving. Did you ever hear of a Turducken? It's a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.

There are many stories regarding its origen, but it does seem to originate from the south. It's made by deboning the three kinds of fowl. Lay them out flat. You stuff the turkey with pork stuffing. Then you place the duck over the stuffing. The duck is open so that you can stuff more pork stuffing on the center of the duck. Finally, you take the chicken, spread it out over the suffing of the duck. Stuff the chicken with cornmeal stuffing. Then wrap the whole thing up and sew it secure. Bake.

When it's done you cut it right down the middle to open it up and see the many different layers. It seems that this is not so unusual--to stuff a bird inside a bird. Medieval cookbooks have recipes of birds stuffed with birds and other animals.

Hungry yet?


Marie Cecile said…
Sounds delicious. Never heard of it before, yet Medieval times I have found interesting, just never looked into their cooking. Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Faith. Enjoy dinner at your daughters.

Anonymous said…
I don't know, the main reason to have Turkey is more stuffing -- who wants more meat? :-)

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