Isn't this the Year of the Priests?

Unbelievable! Todays news:
A bishop and 7 priests were robbed in Argentian.
In India a priest was murdered.
A priest drowned in Michigan.
Two priests were beaten by police & thugs in Vietnam.

It's the two priests that were beaten that really got to me. (St. John Vianney beg for mercy.) The priests live in Vietnam. One was beaten and sent to the hospital. The other priest went to visit him and was beaten by police and some thugs that were egged on by the police. They beat this priest into a coma and then threw him out of the second floor window.

Even if they hate Catholics and our priests, you don't do these things to fellow human beings. You don't pick on peaceful men of God. You don't throw people out of windows. Lord have mercy on us.

O Lord, we pray that You protect Your priests. Shield them from Satan and those who follow his evil intentions. Help Your priests who try to do Your Will, seeking only the sanctification of souls. Have Your Blessed Mother spread her mantle over all priests and through her intercession may they always do Your Will. Through Christ our Lord. Amen


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