Show me the Money

Jay Pateakos, of The Herald News, writes about Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson wanting to charge prison inmates for medical services.
Where I'd like to know, are they suppose to get the money? They can't work if they're behind bars. Hodgson says "from their canteen money." Canteen money is the money relatives and friends give them to buy snacks from vending machines. They're like vending machines, anywhere. So you get the idea what kind of stuff is in the machine.
Some prisoners do have jobs inside the prison and for this they get a little more than a dollar. That's hardly enough to pay medical expenses.
Making families pay won't work, especially if the bread winner is behind bars.
I suppose some inmates do have money, perhaps even accruing interest, waiting for them to be released. They could pay. But I forsee a class system in the prison: the haves v. the have nots. The tension, fights, and poor climate would be dangerous for staff. Also, who's going to administer these accounts--more work---more employees? This idea is suppose to save and make money.


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