Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We Chose to Stay

Only sister to survive Yemen attack: despite danger, 'we chose to stay': Vatican City, Sep 3, 2016 CNA/EWTN News.- A year before a March 4 attack killed four sisters, the Missionaries of Charity opted not to leave, but to remain with their patients in the war-torn country.

My question is why aren't their patients offered a chance to leave.  If it were a convent, a seminary, a monastery, a friary, a priory, abbey...wouldn't the offer be extended to all the religious living there.  Well, why didn't they offer to evacuate the patients and tell the sisters that their presence is required to be with their patients.  Take them out (the patients).  Too difficult?  How do dying troops get taken out of a war zone?

Oh well, I'm not queen of the world, so it is what it is.   Pity, though.

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