Thursday, September 8, 2016

Attention Seekers!

As a true believer, I am always looking for inspiration for meditation and ways to explain my faith, but it is rare that I find a book that satisfies my needs and that I want to recommend to others.  One of the Few by Jason B. Ladd is one of them.

Ladd’s book is an excellent aide to someone like himself, who was searching.  He came from no faith, suspicious of religion—if not downright disdainful.  Lucky for him, his wife is a good Christian woman.  She must have been inspired to ask the question that made the author stop in his tracks and think.  “What do you think happens when you die?”

Jason Ladd is blessed.  Not only was he blessed to have a beautiful, faithful follower of Christ as a wife, he personally was blessed to have intelligence and an open mind.  Ladd set out like he was on a reconnaissance mission to see (who/what/why) this Jesus Christ.  Was this guy, Jesus, friend or foe?  Was He for real?

One of the Few will encourage the seekers.  The author’s personal sharing and insights along his journey to knocking down all his objections to committing himself  is encouraging.  His approach will especially appeal to men and women who have been in the military.  Ladd was on a mission to search and tease out this presumed God, Jesus Christ.  He compares military training to becoming a good Christian.  If you desire to be the best then train to be the best Christian you can be.  Apathy can kill you physically and spiritually.  Jason Ladd shows you how to become “One of the Few.”

I’ll close with a few quotations that brought me to contemplation.

Parallel with Christianity  --  The Marine Corps has the power to transform.  Marines …rebuilding each person with a new identity as part of a team.

Everyone needs spiritual help now and then   --   I learned that when your life unravels, sometimes it’s best to freeze and let a veteran help correct your shortcomings.

Parallel with Christianity   --  One secret to staying on the right path is maintaining spiritual awareness.

Stay close to God  --   Do you have a worldview to filter out false teachings and poisonous thoughts?  You will want a tested worldview at-the-ready when life pops a canister of tragedy and throws it at your feet. 

Why we have free will   --   A world without free will is a world without responsibility—hardly an accurate depiction of our society where the rule of law demands consequences for human action.

Walk the walk not just talk   --  If what we do in life does not echo in eternity, then it doesn’t really matter what we do in life.

One of the Few by Jason B. Ladd

Although I received this book to write a review, I was not pressured to write a favorable review.  The book stands on its own and is informative and enjoyable.  I am delighted to recommend One of the Few.

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