Friday, September 2, 2016

Burkini Banned

Overturn of burkini ban does not end France's cultural debate: Paris, France, Aug 29, 2016 CNA.- The lifting of a controversial burkini ban in one beach town along the French Riviera may signal an end to similar policies in the country - but it has not put an end to the cultural debate.

Geesh!  There's naked beaches but you can't wear clothes?  Why did they ever ban it in the first place?  Weren't they thinking?  My husband get sunburned terribly.  He puts a towel on his head to keep the sun off his ears and neck.  The kids are embarrassed.  But his ear lobes puff up like bulbs and his neck gets red. His nose is white from all the sun lotion on it.  He wears a tee shirt to keep the sun off and light pants.  One time the back of his knees were so burnt, he couldn't walk and the tops of his feet were so burnt and swollen, wearing shoes were out of the question.

No he doesn't sunbathe.  This is from fishing on a boat.  Anyway, my point is, he's more covered and than a lady in a burkini.

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