Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Thanks to Creative Commons
Although I have enough snow to make a
village of snow people, but I'm
too exhaused from

There's another snow storm outside.  When will winter end?  It seems relentless.  But I always have the internet.  Thanks be to God.  And I have my blogger friends on This And That And The Other Thing Blog to connect with.  Since I'm home all day, (outside of going out to shovel), I can at least enjoy my fellow bloggers' week's work.  Here was mine:

Monday:   I learned about Candlemas.

Tuesday:   St. Ansgar

Wednesday:  Papal monthly prayer intention is for our "cloistered brothers."

Thursday:  Another Prayer Group Tale

Friday:  What Enoch, Elijah and Mary have in common

Saturday:   What to do about suffering

Do you think it's time to repost my prayer from January 27, 2015?

Lord, God Almighty, You Who created all; Lord of all the elements; God of Refuge, hear my prayer.

Turn the path, Merciful Lord, that causes the snow to blizzard, the rain to fall, and the wind that blows. Send this dangerous storm out sea where it will do no harm.  But if Your plans, which I am too simple minded to comprehend, are not in alignment with my wishes, then at least keep my electricity on, my computer usable, my cell phone viable, my heat operational, and my TV working.

Also, I think you'll need to bless me with the grace of humor.  I need to keep my spirits up to cope with this horrendous weather.  You will also need to help those most vulnerable: the elderly, the sick and homeless.  While you're giving out blessings, Lord, bless my mailbox so the snow plow won't knock it down, again.  

Thanks, Lord.  You always come through for me--one way or another.                  Amen.

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