Saturday, February 7, 2015

God Will Help

We watched a movie of Father Mark Toups talking about suffering.  It was very good.  Father Toups lectures as he walks through the devasted areas left by hurricaine Katrina in New Orleans.  He addresses the age old question of "Why does God allow this?"

I tried to get a discussion going.  It never got off the ground.  I think it's because there's no answer to the question.  No one knows the mind of God.  There probably isn't just one answer.  We can't see the entire picture.  If we blame God for the bad, then who do we give credit to, for the good?

Of course there's bad, we don't live in the Garden of Eden.

God will turn the bad into good, just have faith and trust Him.  We agreed we have to do this--have faith and trust.  Father Mark Toups told us the story of a blind priest he knew.  One day the priest got lost in his own town.  He sent up a prayer and felt God telling him to put himself in a postion to be found.  "What?"  What did God want; then the priest heard "Sit down in the street."  The command was definite, so the priest trusted and obeyed.

You want to know what happened?

The blind priest is sitting in the middle of the street.  Around the corner comes a car, driven by a parishioner who recognizes his priest.  The driver gets out and asks the priest "what's the matter?"  When the priest explains that he was lost, the parishioner immediately drove the priest home.

You can bet that situation was fodder for a great homily.  But if you think about God's command to put yourself in a position to be found, you can see that is good advice.  Somebody will help us.  God will help.

Do you have faith and trust in God?

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

Great post. Thanx. God bless.


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