This picture was taken only two hours after we arrived.
Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park should be on everybody's bucket list.  Within two hours of arriving, we saw a mama mouse and her baby.  The wildlife is unbelievable.  We saw elk!   That's unheard of around MA.

You'll laugh at this.  There're bears and all kinds of warnings about being careful around bears.  "A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear."  We had to be escorted by park rangers twice, due to bear sightings.  We had to purchase "bear spray."  I originally thought "bear spray" was something I put on to repel the bears--like insect repellent.  No, that's wrong.  "Bear Spray" is a weapon--like mace.  You spray it at the bear.  He will turn away.

Seeing buffalo became ordinary.  I got up real close to deer.  It was like paradise.  I was thinking that the early native Americans must have lived as if they were in the Garden of Eden.  There were plenty of game, nuts, berries, other plants, water, etc.  What more could anyone want?  


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