Tone of voice is important.  The problem is that one doesn't realize one has a tone until after the fact.  For example, I've been told that I have a sharp, hurtful tone.  I don't really mean it and am surprised at people's reaction.  It's something I'll always be working on.

Today, when it was time for my granddaughter's nap, she was goofing around. In exasperation I said, "That's too bad.  Now go lie down."  I saw a surprised look on her face (not happy, more shocked), and she started to cry.  But since she was heading towards the bed, I didn't say anything.  I watched her go lie down.  She softly cried herself to sleep.

Crying because I said, "Too bad; now go lie down?"  It had to be my tone.

In the afternoon, the table was turned.  Granddaughter was at the table doing a craft, with paper, scissors, and glue.  I was getting something out of the refrigerator and saw some chocolate candy in there.  I took one to give to her.  She said, "ExCuse me.  I'm busy."

Actually, she sounded just like her mother.

Tone of voice must run in families.

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