I have a really old crucifix that belonged to either my grandmother, or her sister, my great aunt. It's about a foot tall and black. The corpus is metal. The left hand if broken off its nail. I have to snap it back into place. Also, when you pick it up, you get stabbed. It looks like the nail fell out, and it was replaced with a nail that is too long, so it was bent down. That's it--a nail point that stabs you when you pick it up.

For some reason, I love this crucifix. The face on the cross is very tiny but full of expression. It's strange because the features are very crude: basically slits for eyes and there's a regular nose, but the mouth is "0" shaped. Put together, it's full of agony.

Somehow, I think it fitting that I have to put that hand back on its nail. I also think it very meaningful to get stabbed by one of Jesus' nails. This crucifix is a great aid for meditation.


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