Pleasantly Surprised

We in the parish of St. Mary's have been working very hard organizing groups for the Arise Together with Christ program. I thought we were finished. The group leaders are calling their members, this week. Well, one of the leaders found that one of her people had been waiting to get a call about her being a leader because she already has a group formed.
It turns out that she and her husband have been meeting informally, for quite awhile, with four other couples, to faith share. !!!!!!!! Yes, that's right. This neighborhood has been meeting, on its own!
Do you believe that?
I find it hard to believe. Praise God! 10 people get together with no urging, no priest, no formal training; and instead of playing cards, watch sports, have dinner, they read the Bible. What world is this? I still find it hard to believe.
Thank you Lord for the blessing of finding God-loving people. I believe, I guess.....Lord help my unbelief.


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