Sunday, April 2, 2017

Secret Christian

Today at Mass, the celebrant told an interesting story.  I can't verify it, though.  The gospel was the one about Lazarus coming out of the tomb.  The priest was talking about Martha's faith.  Jesus asked her, "Dost thou believe?"   Then the priest tied "faith" to people's beliefs about death.  Martha believed all shall be "resurrected, on the last day."  Well, it turns out, that many believe this, no matter what they say.

Father said that in 1982, Leonid Brezhnev died.  He was the leader of atheistic, communist, Russia.  At his funeral, full of military accolades, accouterments, etc., with his coffin surrounded by soldiers, Leonid's wife, Viktoria, trace the sign of the cross on his chest, just before the lid of the coffin was closed.

Remember, this an atheist, communist country.  She did this in public.  How's that for witnessing?

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