Friday, April 14, 2017

Fighting a Toxic Culture

Fighting a toxic culture: In today's America, as in other countries like it, people of faith are facing a question of critical importance: How should they respond to a dominant secular culture that's not just hostile to their beliefs but hell bent on squashing them.

Russell Shaw says exactly what I wish I could say as well.  I wish I could memorize this article to articulate his thoughts when needed.  He's talking about our current culture, which seems to overrun Catholic principles.

He says that it started in the late 19th century, probably with the influx of immigrants, who were mainly Catholic.  The predominant Anglo-Saxon individual, strong cowboy mentality often clashed with the Catholic community, forgiveness and peace attitude.  But immigrants try to fit in, don't they?  And so they do.

It's a battle that is really noticeable when the sacrament of marriage is attacked.  Nevermind the sanctity of the womb!

Russell Shaw says it so much better than I.  Read the article.

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