Jesus Did Bring Heaven

Danny in my RCIA class was telling me about a book he was reading about Jesus and His mission.  He said that Jesus came down from heaven and wanted to bring heaven to us.  That's what He was trying to do.

I'm sure Dan was telling me this so that I would give him an argument.  I kind of knocked the wind out of his sails when I said, "Jesus did!"  Jesus did this when He gave us the Eucharist.  We see heaven in every Mass. Isn't our liturgy with its candles, altar, singing and incense what the angels are doing?  Aren't we kneeling before Jesus.

In the Mass we look up; we ask to be brought up.  Our hearts are taken up to the altar in heaven.  We sing praises to God.

God is so good to us.  Praise Him.  He does bring heaven to us.


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