Monday, March 12, 2018

The Story of Maddy

During the last blizzard, I read a book.  There was nothing else to do.  I read the whole book in one sitting.  The story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg is an easy read.  It's a cute story.  A recent widower visits his wife's grave every single day, at lunchtime.  An unpopular high school senior, Maddy, visits the cemetery every day because she doesn't want to eat alone.

Eventually, they talk.  The girl has a lonely life, living with a father who is distant.  When she becomes pregnant, her father wants her to have an abortion.  She runs away to Arthur Truluv, who takes her in.  That's basically the story.  There's a teacher who helps the young girl.  A neighbor of Arthur's who he helps, too.  Everything works out.

It's a happy ending and very unrealistic.

So what!

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