Saturday, March 17, 2018


The cat is disappointed in me.  I just bought her the wrong kind of food.  The ingrate doesn't realize what I had to do to purchase "chipped beef in gravy."  She's old; I thought I was doing her a favor buying soft morsels in gravy; she doesn't even have to chew.  She can slurp it up.  How was I to know that she hates beef?

You see hubby does the food shopping in the family.  He has it down to a science, i.e., timing, traffic, sales, etc.  But March 19th is hubby's birthday.  His favorite is lemon meringue pie, so I had to go out myself.  It just wouldn't do to have the poor man buy the ingredients for his own birthday surprise.

Naturally, being the considerate person that I am, I asked before embarking on my shopping trip, if anyone needed anything.  Just cat food was needed.  Doesn't that seem easy enough?  Well, today being Saturday and also St. Patrick's Day, the traffic was horrendous.  So was the traffic inside the super market.  Add that to the fact, I couldn't find the cat food.  I circled the store two or three times, I lost track.  I saw no pet food signs, but I did find out that my eye prescription has changed.  The signs furthest down in the aisle were blurry.  But I could still read them when I squinted.  So I actually physically dragged myself up and down each and every aisle. 

I did find one can of cat food in the "reduced" basket.  But who knows if the dented can was still good.  Besides, the "sell by date" was too close for comfort. (See the tender loving care I give that  thankless feline!)

The store was very busy and there were no store clerks working in the aisles.  They were all working as cashiers and baggers.  And all the checkout lines were long.  However, eventually, I did find locate the pet food, without help.  But the choices were astronomical!  I was bewildered.  I had no idea what kind of cat food she preferred.  I knew the people food she liked was ham and pork.  But there were no ham or pork cat food.  The choices were mostly tuna and other kinds of fish.  Blegh!  I didn't know which to buy.  You'd think one of the choices would be "mouse."  No bird, either.  Although, I saw chicken.  That's close to bird, so I bought that.  I also figued mouse would be like beef, wouldn't it? 

But the fussy fur ball turned her nose up at these choices.  Worse, she turned around and gave me her backside with her tail up high. 

So that's why I was given the sack.

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