Friday, March 5, 2010

Changhun's Definition

Finally, we had a chance to discuss "Freedom" in class. I posted about why in my Feb.25 post. We were talking about "dress codes." Changhun had said that he was surprised that in a free country, you couldn't choose to dress like you want.

His expectation bothered me and I wanted to discuss it. But the classes just never seen to go in that direction. Tonight the opportunity arose and we discussed what "Freedom meant."

I was surprised that Changhun laced his speech with "discipline," and "responsibility." He thought that "freedom" was the right to do what we should do, not whatever you feel like. Your freedom is bounded by laws.

The best example was "food." We are free to eat what we want. But is what we want good for you? To be healthy we must choose foods that are healthy. This was something we all could relate to.

Of course, to me, I think "freedom" is God given, and not something imposed on others by selfish people wanting to impose their will on others.

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