Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Retreat Day Five

In my last posting, I neglected to relate my spiritual direction session with Father Aquinas. It started off funny. Funny meaning odd. You see in January I wrote him a letter and instead of writing a letter back, he telephoned me to come on a retreat and we can talk then. The time finally arrived. He confessed that he lost the letter and didn't remember what I had written. Coincidentally, before I left for retreat, I looked through by computer files, and couldn't find that letter. So instead of being angry or hurt because of AQ's careless negligence of my letter and me, I just laughed. I was content with meeting with him at that time.

It was the best session I've ever had with him. He actually directed me. He gave me suggestions, and concrete practices to perform. He feels that as long as I stay close to the Eucharist, I should be alright.

My last day at St. Joseph's Abbey consisted of prayer and packing and good-byes. I wasn't sad. Most people commented that they wished they could stay there. Not me, I enjoyed my stay, but I looked forward to leaving to tell everyone about it. I guess I was anxious to spread the fruits of my contemplation.

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