Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today is Mother's Day. All three of my children came over my house. Hubby cooked. I did nothing except accept everyone's love. What could be better?

Upon reflection, I wrote this haibun about my three children. It goes without saying that this is tongue in cheek.


My husband and I are blessed. We have sired three important personages. It didn't start out that way. They were ordinary babies. As children, they were average. Somehow, about the time of puberty, yes, somehow, somewhere, sometime, something happened.

We noticed it first, with the first. Well, that's to be expected. We knew her the longest. She somehow acquired a superior status. Her bearing as she surveyed her domain suggested royalty. A superior attitude held sway over her siblings.

A proper Princess
Perception of privilege
Proud propriety

The second child grew up with classic middle child syndrome. Perceived slighted. She had to be assertive to be noticed. Demanding, even. Vying for attention, demanding, even vociferous, her tone became commanding.

Essa Generale
Thrives on competition
Demands attention

And lest we forget, his Eminence! Being the only boy, the baby of the brood. He's so secure of his rank, he can sleep in contemplation. No need to discern his place. He's sired into his status. He doesn't have to do anything--just exists.

Lofty Eminence
A natural progeny
Youngest of the three

All heirs to our love. The Princess, Essa Generale, and his Eminence, all have their special place. We don't know how we came to be so blessed; we are just thankful to have some little part in their special lives.

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