Pilgrimage--Day Eight

Corpus Christi is today.  It's June 7, Thursday, and here in Switzerland, we're celebrating the Feast of Corpus Christi.  It's a holiday.  Schools and businesses are closed.  Parishes have processions.  Back in the USA, the feast is put off until Sunday.

The Ranft

Sheila & Priscilla hiking

Jakobsweg = Santiago de Compostela
I spent the day hiking.  I hiked down to Niklaus of Flue's hermitage.  He is known affectionately, as Brother Klaus.  He was a successful farmer and was father to a family of ten children.  After receiving a mystical vision, he made arrangements for his family, and left them to become a hermit.  When he left, his older children were adults, and could help with the family.  They were well provided for and kept into contact with Brother Klaus.

It is said that he lived on the Eucharist, alone.  His reputation for wisdom and holiness was famous, and people came from all over to seek his advice.  His Ranft, or sanctuary, is a place of pilgrimage because it is on the path to Jakobsweg, or Santiago de Compostela.  Since his advice saved Switzerland from civil strife, he is considered the patron saint of Switzerland.

His body is interred in the church of St. Niklausen in Sachseln.

Church of St. Niklausen

Sue lit a candle

St. Niklausen

After my hike, I trounced Sister Ann in ping pong.  I have no pictures of that.  It was too horrendous.

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