Pilgrimage Day--Day Five

Tabernacle at Roche d'Or
My first thought upon waking was Pere Lataste's Rosary.  I couldn't wait for Morning Prayer.  We prayed in Roche d'Or's Chapel.  After prayer, we took turns holding the beads.  It's a habit rosary, so all of us could hold on to it as we prayed the rosary.  I was blessed enough to pray aloud the fourth decade of the joyful mysteries.  On the last decade, Sheila's voice broke.  I cried, too.  The immensity of the entire weekend hit me.  The history we were holding in our hands.  The blessing of being in Besancon.  The blessings we received all weekend.  Praying in community.  God is so good.

The rest of the day was spent with the Sisters of Bethany in Montferrand, France. Their doorway entrance was covered in bunting, the colors of the diocese of Besancon.

 Inside we met up with our friends, Father Prakash, Sister Hannah, Sister Barbara, and we met new friends.
The Vice-Postulator, Fr. Jean-Marie Gueullette, op met with us, alone.  He told us as a group, how he came to undertake the task of promoting the cause of beatification.  He worked for 20 years.
Cloistered Brother's Portrait

Lataste's Tomb

Mary Magdalene
I visited the new chapel, again, where Fr. Lataste is entombed.  The  chapel is very unique and different.  One wall has a picture of Mary Magdalene.  One corner has self portraits of my "cloistered brothers."  And then, of course, in the center of the floor, is Lataste's tomb.

Mass was celebrated in the sisters' chapel.  Afterwards, we had some refreshments.

There were plenty of opportunities to walk around their beautiful grounds and cemetery.  I took quite a few pictures.

Pere Lataste & prisoners

Grotto of Mary Magdalene
Sr. Pauline & Fr. Prakash
Faith & Fr. Prakash
Sister Renata & Fr. Prakash

The handsome Dominican friar that everyone wants their picture taken with is Father Prakash Anthony Lohale, op, the Socius of Apostolic Life.

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