Pilgrilmage -- Day Twelve

We bid a sad goodbye to the sisters and staff at St. Niklausen.  We cast long lingering looks as we passed the Village of Sarnen, Lake Sarnen, and the the Kappell of St. Niklaussen.  Farewell, we'll meet in heaven.  So long, and God bless.

How can  a couple of weeks leave such an impact?  

Deo gratias.

From Sarnen, to Lucern, to Basel, to Paris.  Buses, trains, planes, shuttles, taxis, trolleys, they're all merged together.  I just went where I was told.  I was so sick of all methods of transportation, that I threw away my plans to visit Paris.

I was tired.

Everyone looked like a pick-pocket.

I was going to take a bus tour around Paris and take lots of pictures.  But I just didn't feel like it.  Please; not another bus!  

Besides we were staying at a hotel in the airport; and the airport was about an hour from Paris.  That would have meant getting a taxi or bus to get into the city of Paris, and then find a tour bus.  I just didn't have the energy.  

Hence Day Twelve was nothing: traveling and vegging out.

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