Malasadas Sunday

Saint Anthony's had the most beautiful hydrangeas in front of the altar.  Look at the different colors.  During the months of July-September, St. Anthony's sanctuary is decorated with parishioners' beautiful hydrangeas.  The people cut them from their garden and bring them in water to the church basement for arranging.  Aren't they beautiful?  Isn't this a beautiful gesture for the parishioners to do?

Hydrangeas grow beautifully on Cape Cod.  I used to have beautiful hydrangeas, too.  Last year, someone stole them.  Yes, someone dug up the entire plants.  All that was left were holes.

Today, was special at St. Anthony's in East Falmouth.  It was Malasadas Sunday!  Malasadas is a sweet fried dough that Portuguese people make.  Most of the people at St. Anthony's are Cape Verdean.  The Council of Catholic Women was making and selling malasadas for their scholarship fund.  I bought four.  Two for me and two for hubby.  They were delicious with coffee for breakfast.


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