Worse than Cooties

The hiking group had fun yesterday.  We came across a turtle.  I thought I'd help him get closer to the water, so I picked him up and carried him down to a brook and place him on the muddy shore.  On the way down, he peed in my hand.  Then everyone ran away from me crying out, "Ugh! turtle pee! turtle pee!"

Later on, we came across a dead bird, on our path.  For some reason, John, one of the hikers, feel moved to pick him up and place him under some leaves, away from the path.  But I didn't want him to even touch the dead bird.  Why would a bird die like that?  He looked like a young robin.  So I cried out, "Ugh! diseased bird! diseased bird!"

And everyone forgot about the turtle pee.


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