Two Icons

I was looking at an icon of Our Lady of the Gates of Dawn and thought I was looking at the icon of Our Lady of Siluva.  I was wondering where Jesus was.  So I did a bit of googling.  They are two separate icons.

Our Lady of Siluva is also called Our Lady of Lithuania. She appeared in 1608 to Protestants.  The story is remarkable.  Go to Our Lady of Siluva site to see the history.

Our Lady of the Gates of Dawn tells the story of a beloved painting.  In 1702 the city of Vilnius was attacked by the Swedes.  At dawn, the heavy iron city gate fell on top of the invaders, killing four Sweedish soldiers.  This rallied the Lithuanian army and they defended their city.  Hence, devotion to the icon grew.

Our Lady of the Gates of Dawn


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