A Maternal Ambassador's Peace Plan Unveiled at the United Nations

A Maternal Ambassador's Peace Plan Unveiled at the United Nations: On May 12, at the very time Pilot, writes about the event.
Pope Francis was arriving in Portugal to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Fatima apparitions and the canonization of Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marto, something unusual was happening at the United Nations.  Father Roger Landry, in the

This is a clear sign that they believe that Fatima has something important to say to us, regardless of our religious status, and to say to the nations of the world. It has something in particular to say about peace in this institution dedicated to preventing the scourge of war."

Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Papal Nuncio and Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the UN explained that Our Lady of Fatima has a timeless message of Peace for the world:

(1) Conversion of  minds

(2)  Conversion of hearts

(3)  Prayer is important

(4)  Everyone must work towards peace.

Archbishop Auza said at the end of his remarks that the centenary of Fatima is not principally about marking a series of events from the past, but on responding to its lessons in the present and future. "The message of peace that the shepherd children said the Lady from heaven brought, and the practices of conversion, transformation of heart, prayer and commitment she indicated," he said, "are as important today for peace in the world as they were a century ago."

Let's pray the peace plan brought by the maternal Ambassador of Peace to Fatima in 1917 echoes at the United Nations, and across the world, for many years to come.


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