Would somebody please turn on the lights!

Would somebody please turn on the lights!: Is our human compassion being hoodwinked by the promoters of assisted suicide? Last October a Boston newspaper highlighted the issue with a front page story of Dr. Roger Kligler. Dr. Kligler had brought suit against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts because the state makes it illegal to end his life.

Assisted suicide is not the subject of my post.  That's a separate issue altogether.  What pisses me off is the Globe's manipulation.  The author states that in October's Globe, an article got front page coverage.  The article was about a man who wanted to end his life.  The author sent a letter in response.  It was never published.  OK, but recently a letter supporting the man's suicide was published.  AGAIN the author wrote a letter offering the opposite view.  AGAIN it was ignored.

Do you think the Globe has an agenda?

Do you think the Globe spins the news?

Do you think?


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