Pope Francis has branded life-long prison terms "a hidden death sentence" in an attack on "penal populism" that included severe criticism of countries that facilitate torture.  He said that believers should oppose life-long incarceration as strongly as the use of capital punishment.
Below please find a Petition to the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to replace all current laws imposing lifelong prison sentences offering no possibility of parole with legislation providing for parole reviews at 25 years.
We hope that you will sign this petition and send it to the Criminal Justice Policy Coalition at the address provided. 
So many of us know men and women who are doing 1st degree life sentences, many of who were sentenced at a young age who would be an asset to society.  They would pose no threat to public safety and would significantly save the Commonwealth money .
Thank you all for your love and support to our sisters and brothers both in and out of prison.


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