Disc Golf

Hubby is teaching me to play disc golf.  Here's a photo essay on the lesson.  Pictures from Dacey Field Disc Golf Course.

There are shovels to shovel off the snow.

Teacher Extraordinaire    
Whew!  It didn't land in the water.
Hubby has a lot of patience.  But if I can't see the basket how can I throw the frisbee disc?  "Throw it!  Throw it!"  He yells.
I just knew my disc was going to land in the water.

Do you see the basket?  Neither do I.
Hooray!  He did it!

This is my disc in the basket.  

We only played about half an hour.  It's a good exercise because the discs don't go straight into the baskets.  They hit trees, they hook right or left, or even boomerang back to you.  And that means that you have to walk around to look for your disc.


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