Coloring the Book of Kells

Since hubby and I are visiting Ireland in the spring, we have put seeing the Book of Kells on our itinerary.  The book dates circa 800 A.D.  It was made by monks, stolen a few times but still is a beautiful example of art and history.  To get the most out of our experience, I am reading up on the Book of Kells.  I also bought a coloring book on the Book of Kells and I'm surprised by two things.  One, I'm learning more about the book from the coloring book, than the nonfiction book.  The coloring book explains what you are looking at; the book--not so much.  Compare the coloring book explaining that the design is the beatitudes to the colored page in the nonfiction book.  These are the four evangelists.  If I didn't know that, how would I know what I was looking at.  Even so, I still can never remember who is who.

The second revelation that I am surprised at is that when I am coloring, I find myself praying.  I caught myself praying the Jesus prayer.  After the initial surprise, I continued praying and coloring.


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