Batten Down the Hatches

The Ship of Brides by Jojo Moyes is fantastic.  I keep calling it Ship of Fools, by mistake.  Freudian slip?  No, because Ship of Fools is a book by Katherine Ann Porter and also an award winning movie.  So it's just unthinking slip of the tongue.

However, the plot is the same but different.  Both take place entirely on board ships.  But that's it.  The passengers drive the story line and there's the difference.

You know how I'm usually reading several books at a time.  Once I got into The Ship of Brides, everything else was put on hold.  That's all I wanted to do was to read the book.

The time is after WWII, 1946.  The ship is the aircraft carried, Victoria.  The passengers are Australian brides going to England.  One cabin has four passengers that will pull you into their lives.  You'll be the fifth passenger.

Batten down the hatches", you're in for the duration of the voyage.


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