Anacleto Gonzalez Flores

I was reading about Anacleto Gonzalez Flores in Aleteia, this morning and was poignantly moved.  Here is a saint after my own heart.

He didn't grow up in a particularly devout household--his father barely tolerated the mother's religiosity.  

He was studious and religious.

He was a lawyer and went to daily Mass.

He was married and had two children.

He visited prisoners and taught religion.

He was a writer and published a magazine.

At that time, the Mexican government became very anti-religion.  The government purposely aimed to rid the country of Catholicism.  Anacleto Gonzalez Flores worked to defeat the government's policies.  Eventually, he was martyred for his activities.

May he rest in peace and may we all be as steadfast in faith as he.  Lord Jesus in Your Name I pray.


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