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No More Lies

At our last prayer group meeting, we were talking about lying.  Lying = untruth  We wondered if Jesus ever lied.  We guessed not.  Then we reflected on the times we have told lies.

One of our members told us a story.  He said that in his early twenties, he made a conscious decision not to lie.  He was dating many girls at once.  He told so many that he loved them, that he couldn't keep who was who straight.  "I love you.  What's your name, again?"
There came a time when he became disgusted with himself.  He decided that he wanted to change his life and become a different person.  He wanted to be a respected, honest, upright man.  It was a conscious decision.  From then on, he has always tried to be honest with everyone.

I had noticed that he reflects before he talks.  He is not one to jump into a conversation.  And when you ask him a question, you can see him think before he responds.  (I need to learn that.)

I'll promise myself that from now on, I'll be …

Litany for the Vietnamese Martyrs

Credit goes to   for this prayer.

A Litany of the Martyrs of Vietnam

Lord, have mercy on us.Christ, have mercy on us.Lord, have mercy on us.Christ, have mercy on us.Christ, hear us.Christ, graciously hear us.God the father of heaven,have mercy on us.God the son, redeemer of the world,have mercy on us.God the Holy Spirit,have mercy on us.Holy Trinity, one God,have mercy on us.Holy Mary, pray for us.Holy Mother of God,